Cast (CAST must be lit - collect fruit)
Game Description
Pacman Xtreme has been modified from Ms Pacman and has a number of new features including the ability to customize OPTIONS before you start. Choose your lives, number of spells, Pacmans speed, whether you must be living to collect bonuses, and whether the maze will vanish when Pacman becomes invincible. Spells can be earned by collecting all the fruit on a given stage or clearing a stage perfectly and can be used by pressing the B button but only when CAST is lit up (you must collect fruit). Spells teleport Pacman to the middle of the screen and teleport the ghosts to the 4 corners if they're active/colored or right in front of Pacman if they're edible/blue. Also, the ghosts have been renamed as Speedy Pinky, Noxious, Stinky, Bashful Inky, and Wayward George and their AI is different and varying. There are 32 stages in all in Pacman Xtreme and many new challenges to face.
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