Galaga is a great retro arcade game that will instantly bring you back to the glory days of the eighties. You play the role of a space ship and must destroy all the enemy ships in each stage by firing your trusty laser cannon at them from afar. While the ships in formation pose no real threat to you, you must be careful of the ships that fly into attack pattern because they can and will fire back at you. Also beware of the Boss Galagas (in green at the top) as they will use their tractor beam to suck you in and steal your ship! If this happens though, it opens up the possibility of a popular arcade strategy because you can free the captured ship and then you'll have 2 ships firing as 1! This doesn't work if your ship gets captured and it's your last ship though so be careful about employing this kind of strategery.

How to Play: Arrows: Move - SPACE: Shoot

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